Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 5: Pamplona to Puenta la Riena

Was told today would be a difficult day. About a 400 meter climb over a period of 2 hours, and then a steep descent. I supposed that the whole trip will be like this due to the mountainous region. was pretty difficult. There are about 2 blisters on each foot. Probably from all the steep downward slopes. There were so many

Just before leaving Pamplona, there was a memorial march for Saint Maria. 

I knew that were leaving the city when it didn't see of these
After Pamplona, there were only the stone signs. 

The weather and view were fantastic today. There was no rain and lots of sun. 

The mountains in the background was where I was goin after leaving Pamplona...until I finally reached it.
Getting closer....
I made it!!

Then it was time to go down the mountain...

On the way up the mountain, I was able to visit a small church. Even in a small town and being a small church, it was so beautiful on the inside. Also, I was able to get my passport stamped. 

I was able to take some snap shots of other churches that I wasn't able to go into. But these amazing places were in little towns. 

I was more thirsty on this stretch than on the others. I drank all my water and I had wait to get more. So, most of my focus was on getting more water--looking for a cafe/bar or a water fountain. I was finally able to locate a vending machine with water. Water never tasted so good! 

Here are some pictures of the view on the way from Pamplona to Puenta La Riena:

(Wheat fields are everywhere in Spain, even inside the cities)

I did find a random castle. 

After 24 km, I was ready to put my stuff down and take a shower. I stayed in a place run by monks. 

After I did my laundry and took my shower, it was time to tour the town. I was able to look at a couple of churches on town (no stamps though)

The first one is used by the's so simple and beautiful. 

The second one is used by the locals. It is so magnificent.

The day was just too nice to spend the day inside. After walking around town, I went to sit in the courtyard to journal and pray. 

Dinner was nothing fascinating. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Pamplona Cathedral

The church was amazing! It was so bueatiful.

 I think that's more of a museum now, but it still spectacular. It was built in the 1300s. They took different parts of churches to help make the museum.It tells the history of the cathedral. You can tell they each piecewas built to the glory of God. It was all just breath taking. It deserved a post of its own (and I had TONS of pictures). I could have stayed there until they made me leave. 

Now, I am going to do my best to put them in order. 

Inside the main part of the cathedral
These are various alters that were used at different times associated with different saints.

(This is the main alter that is in the middle of the church)

(An organ used in services)

(The ceiling)

Inside the closter hall

(An old fountain)

(This is the court yard from the hall)

Inside the various rooms

(This is where the nuns/monks sit to pray)

Map of the original paths to Santiago