Friday, April 12, 2013

Wonderful Surprise and Marking off Need Items

      Getting ready for this pilgrimage has been wonderful. I get excited when I am able to purchase gear; it just means that I am getting a little bit closer. Even though it is still a year away, I find myself in much prayer about it. There is an uncertainty about what I believe God will do--perhaps I will never know until it's time to come home. It doesn't matter, because I know that there will be change. This change makes me even more excited--the anticipation grows.

      There was a moment when I thought that the trip would be cancelled because I made a mistake in my school's paper work. My heart just sank....there were many tears involved too. This resulted in a panic call the my father. However, somehow the correct papers were filed. I have to give the credit to the Lord providing a way for me to go, a way for me not to pay for my last semester of school from my trip fund. Flabbergasted. That's the right word to describe how I felt. Couldn't stop thanking the Lord for providing even the mist of my mistake. It's also encouraging to know that there is wonderful godly lady in my church that is constantly praying about God moving in my life during this trip. I can not wait to find out about what's going to happen!

     Not much time for training though. I need to get on the ball about this! This chick is REALLY out of shape, and I am only able to really train on Saturdays right now. These Saturdays have been overtaken by yard work, house work, and school work. Work will be out for the summer pretty soon. Hopefully this means that I will have more time to train. I would love to be in shape before the winter since I need to be able to train with my pack during the winter and spring months. After I graduate--this summer is the last semester, I can hear the hallelujah chorus now--there might be more time to get the training in. Being able to walk about 20-25 km a day won't happen overnight, this day need time to get ready for that mess!

      Since it was my birthday, I was able to grab a few more things for the trip. YAY! Before I purchased anything, I read a the reviews of every product, ever brand, and I checked message boards  to see what other pilgrims were saying about the various items that I wanted to purchase. My goal is to go ahead and buy all the "big" stuff now then I will only have to work about clothes, safety kits, medicines, etc. when it gets closer to time.

Supperfeet (Green)--I know that I need to get some inserts for my boots, but I was undecided until I started reading about feet care on the Camino forums. A lot of people were talking about how wonderful Superfeet were and how the "experts" at RIE and other outdoor stores recommended them. So, I decided to choose these over the gel inserts. Hopefully, they will be as good as everyone claims them to be.

Plug converter--Since I am taking an iPod Touch for pictures, video, and any communication to my family, I need something that has a USB plug. This was actually harder to find than I thought it would be. There many USB "plugs", but most of them were not suitable for oversees use. After a little while of searching, I was able to find the perfect plug converter. I has the USB space and a regular outlet. The outlet will be just encase my friend Candy needs to plug something in. See how nice I am to think about her, ha ha ha.

Discovery Trekking Microfiber towel--Having a towel that dries quickly, absorbs water well, and is light weight is absolutely necessary! I found the perfect towel on Amazon. It had fantastic reviews and came highly recommended by its users. This towel comes in 3 different sizes to fit your needs, along with a variety of colors. They are a little pricy, but I figure if it's not going to weight my pack down and it does its job then it's worth it, right?

Hi-Tec jacket--I have been debating whether I need to take a jacket or not. A search began on the Camino forum to find out about the weather in May and June. It turns out that it might be a little chilly in the mornings and warm up during the day. So, a jacket sounded like a good idea. Once again, after researching and reading reviews on jackets. I picked up this Hi-Tec shell jacket that is supposed to be an excellent rain jacket too. Also, it's supposed to wick fairly well.

It felt really good to mark these items off my list!

    Now, I did have some money left over from my b-day, so I was able to get a new book! YAY! Books can NEVER be passed up. Since my church has been going through our Catechism, I kept seeing the book Concise Theology by J.I. Packer at the bottom for further reading. Well, I just couldn't pass that up! I can't wait to dive into it (I am reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky right now).