Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Plan of Action and Adjustments

Itinerary Update:
As I was putting tentative dates onto the itinerary, I noticed that I have 11 days to "play with". This meant that some of those 18/19 mile days could be split into 2 days. As it now stands, there are 7 days that are designated as sick or resting days. Hopefully, we won't need to use these days due to injuries or sickness. I would love to be able to use these days at the end in our swanky hotel.

Here is the new itinerary:
Trekking Pole Issues
My trekking pole protection tips came in the mail the other day, so I thought I would try the poles out walking around the house. I guess I must be a total moron, because I don't  think I was using the right. Is there really a wrong way to use them??? Sad to admit, but I had to look how to use them on YouTube. The information was pretty helpful....learned the proper way to use the wrist loops in order to grip the poles without putting too much pressure on hands. Also learned that I needed to make sure that my poles are tilted, not straight, in order to make sure that I am using the poles to propel me forward.

Training update:
Tuesday, I was going for my run in hopes of going 5 miles (the run before that was 4.75 miles). However, my body didn't want to cooperate. My calves got so tight around 1.5 miles that I had to stop. I had to wait until Thursday to try for 5 miles again. Well, I made it.....barely. There was LOTS of stopping and waiting after mile 3. At least I made it! This getting in shape thing is over-rated. If my body would be able to handle the Camino without this, I would not run another step!

Candy and I made to our "training grounds" Saturday (last weekend was a bust because of all the rain). We trained with our fully loaded packs. I am not sure how much Candy's weighed, but I have been very choosy in what goes into my pack. My pack weighed around 13 pounds, that included my lunch and water. This was the first time that I took my new pack out on a trek. It is very different from my other pack, and it is going to take a while for me to get used to it. The only that bothered (well, still does) me was not knowing where the pack should sit on my the hop bone, above the hip bone??? Once I figure this out, I believe that this pack is going to be just fine. 

Since I have been running a lot, my feet are starting to get those pesky "hot spots" around the arches of my feet. Prevention is key when it comes to blisters. The tape worked wonderfully. Even though we did not trek as long as we normally do, I could still tell a difference in my feet. Another thing was I finally put my Superfeet inserts into my boots. I waited because I didn't want them to get worn out. They provided much needed shock absorption and support. 

Glasses Situation:
I quickly realized that using contacts on the Camino is just too much like work. Who wants to keep up with several pair contacts, glasses, and sunglasses??? NO BODY! That's why I decided to go with transition lenses (well...there was someone who suggested transition lenses too). Now I will only have to worry about the glasses on my face.

Getting Updates While I'm Gone:
I have had several people ask me how they could they keep up with my blog while I was gone. The answer is simple.....I will not be posting the link to my blog on Facebook while I'm gone. So, you can get email updates by signing up using the "Follow by Email" box on the right hand side of this blog.

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