Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting a Training Plan Together

         I can not believe that around this time next year, I will be getting my things together to leave for France/Spain! It will be here before I know--oh, I'm so excited!!
Training hasn't been happening lately since I been having a lot do during the last few weekends. I know that with only about 11 months left, I have got to get crackin' on my training. Hopefully I will be able to start getting it together in the next few weeks since so school is almost out. This will mean that I can do the yard work and other projects during the week too!

         Since I will have a lot of school work to do during my LAST semester of grad school, I had to come up with some way to train and get my work done. Here's the plan: The days that I want to go hiking, I am going to load up my pack with my school stuff. After hiking for a little bit, I will stop and get some work done while out in the great out doors. Hopefully this will work. Most of my work will be reading and reflections so it shouldn't be a problem. Doing it this way gives me a chance to get used to having a loaded pack during my hikes (Maybe by the time school starts again all I will have to do is maintain my training from the summer). Sound like a plan???

        The only things that I have left to gather for the trip are things that can wait closer to time. I don't want to buy clothes and things too far in advance. You never know what might happen between now and then, ha ha ha. Every time that I buy something for this trip, I get excited all over again.

         I do have a confession-->I am getting a little addicted to the Camino message boards. I got the app for my phone and I am reading posts ALL the time! "I just have to know what is going on. What are people bringing? How are people training? How are they getting there? What advice are the veteran pilgrims giving?" These are just a few of the questions that I want answered. Also it reminds me off all the things that  I still have to do in order to be prepared.

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