Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Hold...Bummer training has to be on hold for the next couple of months....booooooo!! Here's why:

So much school work to be done before graduation. All well. At least after August first I will be free to pick up where I left off.

Even though I am not able to take any extended hiking trips, I am able to do some other preparations ;) A friend of mine recommended a book to me that his friend wrote about pilgrimages. It was a little hard to track down for a reasonable price since it is out of print and I don't like reading from an e-reader.

On a side note, I was pretty excited to see that Calvin Miller wrote the forward to the book! George Christian tells about all the different pilgrimages he has taken over the years, and what they have done for him to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. Every trip gives him a new perspective about himself and his relationship with God. It's very interesting and challenging. It gives me something to think about. Also, this book helps me to become excited about what God will show me along the way. What I will learn about  myself, what kinds of things need to left on the pilgrimage, and how my love of the Lord can become even greater. I'm super excited about it. I have become more focused in my prayer when it comes to my pilgrimage. The time will come before I know it to hop on the plan heading for Paris and trains to Saint Jean Pied de Port for my journey to begin.

Okay, confession. While I was going to Amazon to find the picture for The Sacred Travels, I found another book that I would LOVE to read specifically about the Camino
It's on my Amazon wish list, just in case anyone is wondering ;)

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