Sunday, June 2, 2013

Woodland Adventures

Well, it was another hiking day for Candy and I. We had a plan to walk 10 miles on Saturday which turned into 11.5 miles. We wanted to get an early start in order to make sure that we were back in time for some amazing BBQ that would be ready upon our return.

Since I already knew that I could do 10 miles with a light pack, I decided to up the weight a little bit. The "little bit" turned out to be a "whole lot". After putting a few books, my lunch, and 2 bottles of water, I quickly went to weigh my pack. It weighed 14.8 pounds!! I couldn't believe it! The 14.8 pound pack went with my on my hike anyway.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My body was uncomfortable from the weight. This lets me know that even if my pack is a little heavier than 13 pounds, I can manage.

As we were hiking in the woods, we saw various woodland creatures. We some toads, love bugs, and birds. Snakes were spotted. I even stepped on my defense, I didn't see it and thankfully it was only a baby one. Candy did reassure me that it wasn't poisonous either. We saw that biggest lizard I have ever seen. I did try to get a picture, but it moved just as I was about to snap a picture. Lizards must not be very photogenic. There was TONS of poison oak around least it was wide trail so we could avoid it fairly easy.

There are two things that we realized during this adventure....
1--We should start the "red trail" at the other end. This would mean that we would trek the hardest part early on. There were SO MANY steep hills to climb on the way back to the car! Our bodies were not too happy either. It's one thing to be hiking about 16 miles a day with a goal ahead, but having to turn around to head back to a car doesn't make things too pleasant. All I can think about is "I HAVE to hike back to the car...aaaawwww man!! Can't someone just come and pick me up?"

2--check the schedule for any races. There was a huge bike event (seriously....there had to be at least 150 bikers from across the country) that was about to start on the trail that we were on. There was a nice biker that told us about a "nice" trail that would dump us right where the race starts to use a different trail. Well, this "nice" trail was full of rocks and VERY narrow. Once we got home and took our socks off, there was evidence that this trail gave us a present to take home....a rash from something that we rubbed up against while on this "nice" devil of a trail. Thank you mister biker man!

Maybe I should count all of these things extra training tools. I've been reading that the Pyrenees Mountain is R-O-U-G-H!

We did make it home alive. Very tired, but alive.

I have been wondering if these boots will make it through the Camino with all of this hiking. I hope so...I really don't want to have to buy new boots close to the trip.

Candy did confess to me that she will not be able to start the pilgrimage with me, but will have to met me somewhere along the way. I don't mind starting by myself, I just want to make it through all plane and train rides in France in one piece. I don't speak a lick of French.....Jesus will just have to help me. At least I won't be doing the WHOLE thing by myself. Well, lets hope. I might have to make some travel adjustments in order to make it easier....

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