Friday, July 19, 2013

Stages in Rough Draft

Well, I broke down and order maps for the French route along the Camino.

I never would have thought that they would be so helpful! They have everything--hostels, churches, monuments, cafes--located for you! When I get there, I will see how accurate the maps are ;)

In order to map out each stage, I printed out a list of all the hostels along the way to use with my maps. This print out gives 3 different ways to travel along the French route. In addition, it tells how far you'll have to travel to reach the next stopping point. I think that my favorite thing about this source is how it tells you the services each hostel provides and its prices, SO helpful!

Anywho...I mapped out a 34 day walking schedule. I am thinking that I want to have at least 2 or 3 extra days just in case someone is injured or sick.

There are a 30 km days. Oh my! While mapping out each day, I started thinking "what have I gotten myself into" (ha ha ha). God is going to really have to help me on those l-o-n-g days! 

Now, it's time to run it by my traveling buddy, Candy. She's been given the okay for the whole trip, but I don't know how many days she has to take. If she doesn't have 40 to 45 then we'll have to figure something else out. 

God seems to be getting everything in place for us to do this pilgrimage together. YAY! I love it when a plan comes together! 

Mom asked me today what I wanted God to do in my life while I am gone. Man...I have NO idea. Even though I have been praying about on occasion, I still don't know specifically. Coming home in the same condition that I left isn't an option. 

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