Saturday, July 27, 2013

What a weekend!

My weekend has been one filled with things that I want to do! YAY! First free weekend in 2 months!! After finishing my last major school project on Friday, I decided to go for a walk at a local track. This track is hilly and 2.5 miles one way. Saturday was guaranteed to be filled with sore muscles, and my body didn't fail me either. 

I thought that it would be a good idea to have a day of hiking following my long 5 mile walk the previous day. Since Candy has my boots, I was able to try my Keen sandals that I bought for my trip but haven't worn yet. There was a nice surprise when I got to Oak Mountain....a race...using the trail that I normally use. It was a day for a new adventure on the "green" trail which did not disappoint in being filled with lots of climbing. 

I kept getting rocks and dirt in my sandals. This means that I won't be using them on the actual trail--maybe just around town after a long day of walking. 

On the trail, I met two women from Austria and Germany! They were super nice. We struck up a conversation about languages and how families don't pass down traditions from their home countries. One of the ladies talked about wanting to learn Spanish, and I mentioned that I am trying to do that right now for my trip to Spain. They were both interested in where I what I was going to do in Spain, so I told them about the El Camino. The lady from Austria was very excited, because she has been wanting to walk the Camino for some time! Then we talked about that horrible TGV train wreck in Spain. I wished I had asked them to allow my take a picture for my blog just to put faces to this little story. 

When I got home from concurring 5 more miles, I had trouble getting out of the car! I am so stiff and sore already!! Needless to say, I will not be hiking will be a day of rest. I have to be ready to start working on my classroom on Monday. Can't do that if I am not able to move, ha ha ha. 

Even though I did two 5 mile days, I can tell I have a LONG way to before I am ready for Spain. Ten more months to prepare!

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