Saturday, January 4, 2014

Five More Months

This past week it just hit me...I only have 5 months until my trip! It seems like yesterday I was planning for a trip that was 2 years away. Now I only have 5 months! This means that I need to start making sure that I need to start gathering those "little" things that are on my packing list. After I get everything, I will need to start analyzing the items to make sure that I really them--no need to take unnecessary items that add extra weight to my pack. Then I will need to find the best way to pack it all. I can't believe it's getting close enough for me to even think about such things!

Training is going as well as could be expected.Trying to make sure that I train in the cold is really tough. I had to get some gear to make sure that I don't get too cold while on my runs. Next week might be a little tougher since the wind chill will be below zero for a few days (one of those days is supposed to be my running days) which means I will have make alternative plans. My focus is mainly on my Spartan race in March. I mean, if I can consistently run a 10k then surely I should be able to WALK many miles each day. The full pack isn't really an issue. During the past summer I was able to consistently hike over 10 miles with a 15 pound pack. When I'm gone, my pack should way only about 12 pounds at most.

My dad gave me an Ipod so I can take pictures and video while I am gone. Hopefully I will be able to keep everyone update here this way. The other option is to email all the pictures to myself and do my postings when I get back. We'll see how good the wifi is in rural parts of France and Spain.

I mine as well face Spanish skills are going to stink! Every time I post, I keep on saying that I need to start my Spanish podcasts. But do I?? NOOOOO! Procrastination has been getting the better of me. Someone is going to have to keep me accountable and ask me about my Spanish or it might never get done. It would be awful to go and not know how to say anything but my name, where I'm from, what my job is, and if I like my job.

Several people have asked me what I'm going to do about food since I have to get gluten free. Well....I plan on eating a lot of yogurt, fruit, vegetables, and nuts for sure. There are a lot of little markets along the way which enable me to stock up on needed food items that I can eat during the day. Also I found these cards, in Spanish, that explain what I am not able to eat and why if Candy and I decide to go to a cafe or restaurant.

The journey in planning and preparing for this trip has been so exciting. I keep picturing in my mind what it's going to be like and the things that I'll get to see (mainly the old churches along the way), not to mention the different types of people that I'll meet. These 5 months can't go by fast enough! I get excited just to see the number of days decrease on my "count down"!!


  1. Hi Samantha - So happy to have found your blog! I am walking the Camino Frances from SJPP for the third time, starting April 21 this year, so I am in prep mode too.
    I have a blog from my last camino - - you might enjoy it.
    I am in Toronto, and lead training walks every Friday - where in Canada are you?
    Happy to chat with you if you would like
    Buen Camino!

  2. I will definitely check out your blog! There are times when I think "I got this", then there are times I think "holy Toledo, what I am doing". I live in the US (Alabama)....bummer, I would love to have another "training buddy".

    Buen Camino