Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weight Dilemma

Two posts in one week. Wow! What has gotten into me? Oh yeah, excitement. This post was carefully crafted with a clingy dog that has commandeered my lap and hand (she's laying on my hand while in my lap) for her comfort.

It's getting about that time....getting my pack the right weight. I started weighing the items that I already have. My pack empty alone is 2kg. That means I am only "allowed" 3.44kg of stuff in my pack. Well, now that I think about it....I will probably want it less than that because of water and food that I will be carrying from day to day. This is going to be an interesting task...

So far, I am at 2.18 kg. This may be a problem since I have several other items coming in the mail (still more that I have to get from the store) that I will need to put inside my pack. There will be some major case of prioritization. With the help of experienced Camino pilgrims I should be able to shave off a few grams here and there. However, it felt did good to mark more things off my packing list.

 I think that I got all the items that can from Amazon, the rest I can get from the store. Wow, I'm actually just about finished shopping! *super excited face* This just hit me....

Amongst the many conversations that I have been having with Candy about our trip, the topic of "why" came up recently. "What are you going to tell the people at the end of the pilgrimage why you did this?" asked Candy. This is something to think about. I know that this is something that God wants me to do, but I am not sure why. It just got me thinking about what is the purpose of this pilgrimage. This has caused me to start praying more about my trip. There's such a sense of expectation.

A friend of mine just asked me if it seemed real that I'm going or not. Well, now that I have my plane AND train tickets it does seem real. "Holy Toledo! I'm going to be gone for six weeks! It's really happening!" was the first thought that came to my mind. As the time gets closer, I am sure that the anticipation of it all will become greater and I will get where I can't sleep from the excitement. As for now, I just sit and dream about what it's going to be like. I know that it's not going to really be like "The Way" (the movie), but my imagination of the whole adventure still pretty romantic and unrealistic.

(I hope this post is long enough for you Mrs. Janet)

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