Monday, February 10, 2014

Cathedrals, Poles, and Glasses vs. Contacts

Getting things crossed off my list just reminds me that I will be leaving before I know it! Oh, how I can't just 3 more months I will be taking my shell off my rear view mirror to attach to my pack!

In just 3 months, I will be seeing the beautiful country side of France and Spain along with some awesome cathedrals. I think that is what I want to see the most. Being able to see these amazing structures that were created to glorify God just gets me "all riled-up".  Here is just a preview of what I'm going to see (hopefully go inside to explore and partake in a pilgrim's service):
This is St. James' Cathedral to mark the end of the journey.

This is inside a cathedral in Burgos

This is just somewhere along the way. Don't know where, but I want to go inside ;)

This shows all the cathedrals that I will pass. I know that it's not a great picture, but it gives you an idea of what I'll be seeing. 

Moving on before I get lost in looking for more pictures.....

Candy asked me if I would like to go shopping with her for some gear Sunday, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to see what else I needed. While we were there, Candy looked at trekking poles which reminded me that I needed to get a better set. The ONE that I bought without really doing my homework is bulky and heavy...the moral of the story kids is to never buy trekking poles online. I was trying not to spend too much money on poles, but that didn't work very well. If I wanted the kind that I truly needed, it was going to cost me a little bit. So here is what Candy and I both ended up getting:
They are Black Diamond Trekking Poles. They are adjustable from 100 cm to 120 cm I believe. They are very lightweight at only 17oz. Plus the poles collapse. 

Just in case you haven't heard...I was able to make my reservation at Orisson (a private hostel along first day)! It just made it seem more real and unbelievably close. Making the reservations were easier than I thought. You just have to email them from their website with your information. Then they email you back with an invoice to pay through PayPal. Couldn't be simpler.

Click on the picture to go to their site. The hostel looks beautiful.
Candy did find some information that said the hostel gives you a 5 minute token to do ALL of your washing. Oh boy! I will be coming up with a plan because it could end badly. I will also have to think about maybe getting some food at the markets in Saint Jean before we head out since I don't know what the meals are going to be anything that I can eat. 

A summer trip means lots of sun, right? Well, that means sunglasses. Since I wear glasses, I will have to have clip-ons.....not my favorite choice. I thought that I would get around that by wearing contacts. I needed to get some for my mud run next month, so I thought that I would give them a go over the weekend to see if I could handle wearing them everyday for 6 weeks. The answer is a big fat NO! Ever since I got an infection in my eye from contacts several years ago, contacts became extremely uncomfortable and still are apparently even with "dailies". All well....back to glasses. It was a nice thought though. 

I do have to say that I will miss this little girl right here while I am gone:


  1. I am leaving on April 20 - a bit before you - for my third Camino.
    I use transition lenses in my eyeglasses - they save having to carry the clip ons, which I used the first time.
    Check my blog at for my second Camino
    Buen Camino Darlene

  2. I didn't think about transition lenses! That would probably be the best choice. Only have to take one thing (which will be on my face) rather than having to take 30 pairs of contacts, ha ha ha.