Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Miles of Breaking in the Boots

         As you know, I told you that I ordered my Keen boots some time ago. OH MY WORD, they fit like a glove!! Ordering a size and a half was a great idea. Keen boots tend to run a 1/2 size small. Since my normal size is 7 1/2, I knew that meant a size 8 in the boots. Well, thinking that I need room for my socks and swelling, I thought that ordering a size 8 1/2 would allow for that. I was WRONG. I reordered them in a size 9. This gave me a true whole size bigger--this was a perfect idea. When trying them on with my liner and hiking socks, there was plenty of room on the sides and my toe area for swelling. If I need to, I can always were another pair of socks to take up some of the extra room, and take off the extra pair of socks when I needed the extra room due to swelling.

Please ignore the pasty white legs. I'm sorry that I have blinded you all with that sight...just focus on the boots please.
       I tried them out on the trails this weekend. These trails are perfect since there are many areas of rough terrain in the mountains of Alabama. They worked perfectly!! No problems at all. My feet stayed draw from the socks. There were no "hot spots" (place where a shoe might rub). The rocky terrain was no match for my boots.

      What makes it great is having my friend Candy tag along. I think we both decided that we have a LONG way to go before we are ready. Ha ha ha. Boy did we have some fun on those trails. This was our biggest adventure yet, 7 miles! There was some discussion about things we need to do for our trip, observation of nature, and there was some praying involved. There is never a dull moment when hiking with my friend. Every time I tripped over my feet she laughed, and at one point said that she would hurt me. Now she did try to convince me that the trees were squeaking when the sounds of critters came from the trees. There is no way a tree sounds like a critter. I believe Candy thought that she was a bear when she was using one of the wooden marking posts as a back scratcher. What am I going to do with her??

    These 7 miles taught use a lot about ourselves though. We are WAY out of shape! I don't know about her, but my feet were ready for a break when we got done. Those dogs were barking as my grandfather would say. A lot of toughening of feet needs to be done before we take on the Camino. The particular trail that we were on is 15 miles. We have committed to going early in the morning and hiking the whole thing and see how  long it takes. I'm just glad that trail circles the park. That way I don't have to turn around and hiking ANOTHER 15 miles! Who would want to do that?!?!? 

     This pilgrimage may be a year away, but it's like I can't be prepared enough. My favorite things to read about is how the Camino has shaped and changed others. This is exciting to me. Going to another country, disconnecting myself from all things that distract, look upon God's creation, and spend many hours of constant prayer is something that I can't be more excited about. Candy and I were even talking about what we were expecting from the Camino. My one hope is that when I come home, I am forever changed in Christ. 

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