Monday, March 11, 2013

God's Plan

Oh, how I want God to do amazing things for me on this trip! This is just more than a long walk; it's a journey to become what God wants me to become. In everyday life, it's hard to get away from the hussle and bussle of  life. People are always demanding things, we're plugged into the internet all the time, watching t.v, listening to music, etc. There comes to a place that we are too busy even to listen to Christ. We are not able to hear what He wants us to do next, where He wants use to go, or even what He wants us to say.

This life isn't about ourselves, but it's about pleasing God--glorifying Him. Through this trip, I hope that I am able to disconnect myself from everything around me and spend those 35 days getting to know Jesus the way He intended for me to know Him. Our church has been studying a Catechism, which will continue until the end of the year, but several of the questions just came into my mine. "How and why did God create man?" just one of the questions. The answer is "God created male and female in His own image to know him, to love him, to glorify him, and to live with him. It is only right that we who were created by God should live to his glory". This is what I am supposed to be doing! This is what I want to do! This question spins into other questions about how to glorify God and how to live out his commandments. 

There are so many things that I want God to accomplish in my life during this time, but I know that He has a goal for my life during this time. While I know that I have a little over a year before I embark on this pilgrimage, there is always time for God to prepare me for His great work in my life. Constantly praying that God prepares my heart, makes me ready to listen and obey everything while I'm gone. Nothing will be accomplished with out obedience. Nothing can get me more ready than prayer, prayer, and more prayer. I'm so grateful for a church family that is lifting Candy and I in prayer to make sure the His goal is reached.

I want to glorify Him while I'm gone. I want to please Him while I'm gone. I want to be a light to the world while I'm gone. This trip was organized by God and I will never forget that. There is such an anticipation of what Christ is going to do that I am just over come by excitement...I want to go NOW! 

We never know what they next step is in our journey towards the new heavens and earth, but I do know that I want to be open to whatever God has for me on the Camino.

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