Monday, July 7, 2014

Last Days in Santiago

Well, my time in Santiago is over. It's time to come home (over a week in Santiago is more than enough). No more walking.

I did forget to put my grammar/spelling disclaimer on my very first day...forgive me, here it is: Due to me being exhausted from walking many miles each day and typing on my phone...please excuse my terrible errors. I hope that it all still makes sense. Maybe one day I will go back and fix the errors. (There is my excuse for my terrible writing over the past month.) 

This has been the most amazing trip of my life, and I miss walking everyday greatly. There are no words that can accurately describe my experiences on the Camino. I know people will ask me how my trip was, and the best word that I can give people is wonderful even though it doesn't do it justice.

There is no real way to describe the things God has shown/taught me over these past weeks, the experiences that I had with people, or how amazing it is to walk 15 to 25 miles a day truly is. Pictures cannot truly capture the beauty of the land or buildings; nor can they capture the deep emotional experiences. 

This is one trip that I would do again. Maybe I will do the Via de la's a 1,000 km...sounds like fun!  

You hear about how pilgrimages are an important part of a Christian's life. Now I understand, and have to agree 100%. Although I can't explain how, but there are things that one will learn during these times that can't be learned in "the real world" (if that makes any sense). 

Okay....enough blabbering, here is what I did the past few days...

I found a new chapel which trying to find the bus stop for the airport. Yes, it was closed. They do not use the chapels all the time...only on certain days. 

Chaple of San Fructuoso

I visited my last museum today. It was the monestary of San Martino Pinario. This place was so neat! There were signs in English....I didn't have to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what one sign said. I took pictures of all the signs so you all could enjoy them too.

The outside (front and back)

Inside the church...

Now, there are signs giving description and history if each chapel area. So, I will put the sign (I hope that they are all readable) after the chapel picture.

This is the main alter...

This is behind the main alter (not usually a place that the public is allowed to visit)...

Upon leaving the church area and heading into the monestary portion...

Fully into the monestary (many of the room are now part of a museum that helps tell the history of the monestary and it's impact on Spain)


Some of the signs might be a little hard to read. Tog may have to click on them blow them up...sorry, I did try. 

I spent the rest of my time reading some books that downloaded (ebooks are terrible) and processing this whole experience. 

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