Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Weekend in Santiago

It was a rainy weekend. It really made me want to stay inside, but I didn't. I decided to go to the Cathedral's museum. Unfortunately I couldn't take picture inside the museum.

Here's what I got to see...
It was so cool seeing the original pieces to the cathedral. There were a couple of rooms that were my favorite...the chapel of relics, chapel of St. Ferdinand, and the cloister. I did get photos of the cloister and St. Ferdinand chapel!

Cloister area...

St. Ferdinand chapel...
When I was visiting the tapestries, the door was open to go onto the ledge.

The bad part about the weekend is that everything is closed. Well, the things that I want to do anyway. There is only so much street wondering that you can do before it gets old. The few museums that I have left to see will have to wait until Monday.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures....I downloaded books onto my phone. You all know how much I hate reading electronic books...real ones are so much better. I have 4 classics that should keep me busy for a while.  

On the bright side...I did get to go to mass on Sunday. 

Mass was at one of closed convents today (they have a schedule for masses). The nuns took part in mass in their own enclosed area. They took communion through a little door. 
This the little door...

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