Friday, July 4, 2014

Santiago....Day 3 and 4 body final decided that it need a rest. I slept most of the day on Thursday. What should I except after over a month of walking miles and miles everyday??

Today (Friday) was a much better day. I made my plan of places to visit and was on my way. Now, I am trying to space out the places I go so that I have something to see everyday. Let's see where I went today.

First up was the church Saint Fiz of Solovio. This is the 3rd time that I have gone, but the first time in the was closed. 

Right next to the church is part of Santiago de Compostela College. The first floor of the building was built in the 1700s, then they added other floors recently.

I went wondering for a while and found a chapel (Chaple of Animas) that wasn't on my map. This place was neat...they had the regular stations of the cross posted, but they also had these amazing sculptures of them too.

I was on my way to a convent when I thought I would sit the park for a few minutes. It was a lovely spot. It was where one of the Camino routes came into Santiago...there were large groups of pilgrims coming in.
While at the park, I got some old man sneezed so hard that his dentures went flying. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed, but it too funny. Then there was this peg leg pigeon (its foot was missing from one if its legs). This thing got around too...its leg didn't slow it down. The park was just an interesting spot to people watch.

I finally reached the was a closed convent. Meaning the public can't come inside. I was able to get some shots of parts of the inside (it was their "turn table" service time....meeting some kind of need of the needy. There was someone taking advantage of the service when I came in). 
(I just realized that I deleted a picture that showed another room...ooppssss)

Just before siesta time, I went to a museum of the history of the pilgrim. It gave lots of information. It explained about Saint James' connection to Spain, specifically Santiago, told about the objects that pilgrims carried, and the different ways that Saint James is depicted in artwork. I didn't take pictures...none of them would have made sense...all the tags are in Spainish. The only English pieces were in a booklet that I had to give back. 

The last place that I attempted to go was another church...well...more like a chapel...It was church Parroquial of Santa  Maria Salome. It was closed. Now, I did notice a sign that explained that some masses are held in various chapels around town during the week...this could be why some are closed more than others...who knows. 

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