Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Santiago...Day 2

First of doesn't feel right waking up with no place to walk. I woke up around 8 and thought "oh no, I have to get walking". So I ate breakfast and immediately started my day with....walking. I am sure that the hotel maids were thinking why this strange person had clothes hanging up in the bathroom. Yes, I still have to hand wash my clothes. Yes, they will be thrown away when I get home. 

I picked 3 places that I really wanted to visit today. Since I have 7 days left...I need to space out my visitations. 

First was the Church of Saint Augustine. I finally learned how to make the pictures lighter (it only look my 6 months) which was helpful, because many of the lights were off. This church was wonderful. Loved sitting inside just thinking and praying.
Saint Rita
The alter of the sacred family
Saint Luis Gonzaga
The picture of the sign isn't real can clearly tell that the main figure is the Virign Mary
The high alter
Saint Francico of Boria and Christ

Second stop was a museum of Spanish history in the area of Galicia and the church of Saint Domingos of Bonaval. Learned the the bagpipes and clogs are native the area...who knew. I didn't take pictures inside the museum since I didn't know the rules for cameras inside. However, I was able to get pictures of the church. It's such an old map says it's from the 12th century. Even though most of the church is not completely intact, it was still awesome. This is when I wish my Spainsh was better...then I could read the signs.
The courtyard
The chapel of Rosario

After eating dinner, I tried to go visit the convent of Saint Clara (this makes time # 3) only to find it closed....again. 

I ran into some old pilgrim friends that I hadn't seen in about 3 weeks. It was a joyous reunion. We met to eat, share stories, and say our good-byes. 

It's awesome to see the streets of Santiago alive. There are so many street performers and street vendors that your eyes/ears never get bored.
I didn't get pictures if the street vendors. I was trying to find a church, so I was a little distracted by my mission. When I went back to get pictures, they were all closed.

I love the fact that my day is prettying much filled with prayer and reflection. When you step into a beautiful church, how can you not spend your time in prayer? It has given me the opportunities that I need to think about this Camino. Now, as I close out my day, I will continue to reflect and pick 3 new places to visit tomorrow. Hopefully, they will ALL be open. 

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