Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 1: Saint Jean Pied de Port to Orisson

Today, May 27th, was an early start. Had to get things packed up , ready to go for my early train( which turned out be a bus) into Saint Jean.

I learned one thing French is terrible! Let's hope my Spanish is  a better.

The Lord knows that I need help.....two lovely Italian men pointed me out in the right direction for the bus.
(Had to take a creeper photo of my two helpers)

Train station at bayonne (Gare de Bayonne)

I must be hot natured because everyone is wearing jackets, but I think it's a lovely temperature. Maybe it's because I am from the south. I am just glad that I am not having to deal with 90 degree weather. 

Saint Jean Pied de Port

Got to the pilgrim's office by following the other pilgrims that got off the bus. I got my pilgrim's passport and my first stamp. 
The people in the office were very helpful. They gave me directions and a map for the first 2 days. The climb was very tough. The scenery was AMAZING! I stop  many times for the view (other times were to catch my breath).

I finally made it! The hills were killer. 
It was time for lunch--ham, cheese,and coffee. The ham was fresh and wonderful! 

After arriving at Orrison, I was able to catch up with those I saw at Saint Jean. There were my Italian friends (names escape me), a German friend-Duertma, an Irish women, several Americans. There was lots of small talk and laughter. 

One of the women did tell me that I will be able to find a dentist in Pampolona. Good. This tooth is killing me!

I met a fellow Celiac. We had some good discussions about food and life in general. I showed her my app of multi lingual gluten free cards...she was thankful. It's amazing how normal you feel when you meet strangers with an uncommon illness.

Shower time was interesting since I had a 5 minute token for showering. Got it done! Washed clothes in the sink, and then hung them out to dry. 

My dinner at Orisson...vegetable soup and pork. It was gluten free (Genny and I asked). They made her and I some custard dessert. It was yummy! 

After an deep spiritual discussion with my Irish Catholic friend, Genny, it was time for bed. Since my clothes were not dry yet and it was cold from the sun starting to set, I brought them inside to hopefully be dry in the morning. 

My sleeping arrangements. Pretty comfy actually. Tomorrow is another day. Let's see how I feel in the AM.

Just FYI.....there was no wifi at Orisson. Also, don't panick if posts are not every day. There isn't always wifi at the hostels. 


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  2. Hey ... you be in charge of the walking, we'll be in charge of the panicking. :-) Just post as often as you're able. Praying for you!