Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 2: Orisson to Roncevaux (Roncesvalles)

May 28th
The whole day was cold and rainy.

I was worried about breakfast at Orisson, because they only put out bread. However they gave me a boiled egg. They also wrapped ham and cheese for me instead of a sandwich.
At 7:30 I was on my way to Roncesvalles.

Love stock were everywhere! They are just rooming around freely. It was truly amazing. 

The view of the mountains were spectacular after it rained.
Sheep up close....they were just crossing the road when I went by. 

Just the beginning of the country road.

Just got into the heart of the Pyrenees. 

Only 765 KM to go. 

It was level for just a little bit before it started inclining again.

I was so excited to see this! 

I finally made it! 17 KM! 

I stayed in a monastery. It had 300 beds. I wasn't able to "tour" the grounds....I really wanted too. I was able to take some pictures of the it though.

They say that the first day is the hardest. Well, I have to say that the second day is just as hard. There was lots of inclining. The fog in the heart of the mountain was terrible--along with the wind and rain. 

Went to get my ticket for the
Pilgrim's menu for dinner and have some coffee with some fellow pilgrims (all in Spanish). The coffee, or cafĂ© solo, (well espresso) was so good. 
One of the pilgrims is from Venezuela and she was impressed with my pronunciation! I was just glad that I said it right. 

The meal was amazing!

 I had a vegetable soup and duck. The cafe even gave me gluten free bread and an apple for dessert. They were so nice about the no gluten thing. 

TONS of people have asked if I'm from Italy. They are surprised when I tell them that I'm American. I don't know what it is....all well. 

I was excited to be able to go to a pilgrim's mass! Even though I didn't understand hardly anything, the mass was beautiful. 
The alter was gorgeous. The stain glass windows were so pretty. It was might, so no one would be able to tell in a photo. 

Good-bye France, and hello Spain!

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  1. You think maybe just maybe you might look a little Italian? Haha