Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 4: Zubri to Pamplona

It didn´t rain! Finally was able to walk without any rain! Also, it wasn´t even cold when I set out for Pamplona. YAY!

I went through many small villages on the way. Many of them looked very old.

Within the first few minutes, I came upon some horses. One of them came right up to me (it might be because I had an apple), and she let me pet her. I did not give her my apple....I don´t think that her owner would have liked it very much.

The walkways varied from time to time. There were times that I was on gravel, then times when I was on pavement.

The view of the mountains, and the view from the mountains were breath taking!

Since it has rained for the past several days, the rivers and streams were high. This created some great waterfalls.

Here I am just a hiking away.....

About half way, my new pilgrim friend from Mexico and I stopped to fix our feet along with having some coffee.

I was able to take some pictures of various churches that I saw in these small towns

It is always a happy moment when you see the signs for your stopping point.

Just before entering Pamplona, I came upon a big city. I just about got lost! Thank goodness that they have marked the way at various points. If not, I don´t know where I would have been going. Several times some locals came to talk to me. The bad part is that I had no real clue what they were saying. I just smiled and said ¨si¨or ¨no¨. One sweet man was  really trying to tell me a short cut to the hostel, but I didn´t understand the directions. I tried to tell him nicely (in Spanish) that I was just going to follow the signs. I didn´t want to get lost in a HUGE city.

I was glad to finally make it to Pamplona. Here is the hostel, Jesus y Maria, that I stayed for the night.

This city is super neat! I could stay here for a couple of days to see everything.....but I won't. 

Pamplona is getting ready for the running of the bulls. The streets are buzzing with decor. 

Ate a spicy sausage tortilla. It was really good. As a side note...the gluten free chocolate chop cookies are terrible. 

By the end of the day, everyone is limping and walking funny....all of our muscles hurt! I, being real smart, decided not use my trekking poles for 2 hours. This has caused me some knee pain. Lesson learned--won't do that again. 

This is what 4 day Camino feet look like:

I just saw another place I need to fix....sigh. 

During the way today, I was able to take the time to meditate on various things. It´s just so nice to be able to be disconnected from everything. This experience already has been wonderful, and I know that it will get even better.

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