Thursday, May 29, 2014

UPDATED Day 3: Roncesvellas to Zubri

I was just a little sore this morning. It wasn't raining when I started, but it ended up raining about an hour into the hike. At least when I ended up in Zubri, it was sunny and warm. As a general rule, it has been cold in the morning and evening. Therefore, I have made mental notes to bring a jacket and some gloves for next time.

Before leaving Roncesvellas, I got some coffee and an apple for breakfast. About 15 minutes down the road, I spotted a shop to get some food supplies. I was able to get some yogurt and fruit for the long journey. The yorgurt I shared with some fellow pilgrims. Then it was picture time to mark how far it was to Santiago. I don´t know what was up with the other stone sign from yesterday....

I found this on the trail, and thought it was interesting.

The view has been amazing. Lots of farming lands and many mountains to view. The beauty of the land is amazing. I tried to take pictures of the wonderful that I had along the way.

There were several towns that I passed. They looked just like those towns in the movies. I was able to get some snap shots of some of the local churches.

The flowers are just starting to come into blume. They are so pretty. Luckily, they are not bothering my allergies. Maybe due to all the Spanish honey that I have eaten.

These blue and yellow signs are life savers! Just when I think that I maybe going in the wrong direction, I see one of these bad boys!

Sometimes, I find random animals just wondering around.

I was so happy when I finally arrived! My feet were thanking me for stopping. There a couple of places that blisters are trying to appear. Once I got to my hostel and took a shower, I put some mole skin and tape on them. My poor toes are feeling a little better. Now I can´t speak for my muscles--they are ssssoooo sore.

The first hostel that I stopped at was full, so I had to go to the next one.

 The next one was cheap and had a kitchen! I met a Polish mother and daughter, and the daughter cooked for us. I was said that the food choices were limited due to the store had a SMALL selection. We had vegetable and chicken rice.

While I was at the store, I picked up some fruit and nuts for breakfast in the morning. Then it was off to the cafe for some coffee and a chat with some newly made friends.


  1. You were with 2 polish women and you didn't get any polish food when there was a kitchen to cook in? I am totally disappionted :)