Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 16: Castrojeriz to Fromista

****update from last night-->I met a sweet girl from New Zealand. We got talking about the pleasures of being able to go into these wonderful churches. It was so nice to talk to someone who actually enjoyed it as much as I do! I hope that I get to talk with her more...continue our conversation about our favorite saints****

Today was a nice walk even with the threat of thunderstorms. Luckily, I got ahead of the storms and made it without any rain.

The sun was just starting to rise when I left (trying to beat the storms), and the view was spectacular!

Within the first 30 to 45 minutes, I had to climb this huge hill! It had an 12% incline for about 1 kilometer. It wasn't that bad...the decent was at an 18% decline for about 400 meters. The view at the top was incredible.

At the top, I found some ruins. I wished I knew what the building used to be...there were not any markers..

The Meseta continues....the hardest part is not being able to see the "end". You don't know when you're going to approach a town until you're makes the walk to seem longer than what it is. However, it is still beautiful.

I was told of an albergue that doesn't have electricity, and they wash your feet when you arrive. It looked like a neat place to stay. If I didn't have to worry about what I eat, I would definitely stay there.

Love the bridges that I have to walk over. 

There were a couple of towns that I walked through today. One of them had a cemetery just as you walk up.

About third of the way through, the sun really started to shine..making it really hot. I did like the view though.

Boadilla del Camino was the last town I went through....nothing wonderful, but I did get to stop for a coffee and tortilla break.
 After that, I only had 6 more kilometers to go! Yay!

With the hot sun beating down and walking beside a canal...the gnats were out in droves! They drove me crazy!! 

The churches were actually open today! 

The church of San Pedro
They had a museum portion from the Sainta Maria church...they were pieces to a large panel.

I headed for the church of San Martin. It was so simple, but beautiful. The whole church was plain except for the cruifix...that was the focal point.

I didn't feel like eating out, so I just got a few things from the store. It made things easier for me (and cheaper). 

There was a surprise....a pilgrim concert at one if the churches. It was really nice. After the concert, there was mass with a pilgrim's blessing. 

I am trying to take care of my feet. I want to take care of the blisters while they are small, but sometimes it's hard to tell what is a blister and what is not. All well, I'll just do what I can. 

In 1 and a half days I'll be half way finished with the Camino. It's hard to believe that I have walked so far! It's been great....loved every minute of it.

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