Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 29: Triacastela to Barbadelo

I decided that I wanted to walk by myself today... I really didn't know what my destination would be. I left at little after 5. I wanted to see Spain's oldest and largest monastery in Samos, meaning I would walk an extra 8 km.

When I started walking, it was very dark, and I had a little difficulty finding my way. Thanks to my handy flashlight on my phone (and the Lord) I was able to spot the arrows. The scenery was beautiful once the sun came up. 

The walk alone was great! I was so excited when I reached the monastery. I didn't realize that they let you inside. It was too early when I got there, so I plan to go back once I'm finished with the Camino. The place looks beautiful! Can't wait until I go back!

After I left Samos, it started to rain....not hard, but enough for my to get out my poncho. Along the way, I caught up with Whitney, an American girl that I met the other day. We talked about things that we would do differently if we were ever to return. 

Starting to see more signs that reveal that I am very close to Santiago. It's strange that I will be there on Sunday. All of this walking will be over!

After the rain was over, the fog was amazing.

There were 2 choices to stay at...Sarria (a big city and where new pilgrims start) or Barbadelo. I settled on Barbadelo...rather have the small village. Not many people felt the same. There were only about 6 people in the albergue. The best sleep I have gotten the whole Camino...felt like I was in my own room.

When I arrived, I could not decide where to stay...private or public. I decided on a private albergue. I am glad that I did because the food shop was not open. This place had a restaurant so I could eat during the day.

The view from the albergue was amazing (even if it did start to rain).

The church was not open. However, it was really neat on the outside. 

Barbadelo didn't have much to do. Thankfully, some old pilgrim buddies showed up....we talked and had a good time. We sat around the nice grounds and went to dinner was full of laughs. 

They even had a little chapel..

Only 107K to go!

Day ended with some feet care (new blisters and old ones), and journaling/prayer time. 

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