Thursday, June 12, 2014

UPDATED Day 17: Fromista to Carrion

Sleep wasn't that great. Had crazy dreams and someone was clanking things at 4:30 in the morning.

The beginning of the walk was beautiful. The scenery didn't change much, but there were some interesting abandoned farm house. 
This piece of art. There is always some kind of pilgrim art along the path. 
There was a small church in the middle of nowhere. I just love it....they don't demolish anything...especially churches.

As I passed my first town, the sun was beginning to rise. Also, this is where the alternate path started...if I didn't take it, I would be on the highway the entire time. Who wants to do that?!?

The alternate path was a lot of wooded areas and some nice views...

By this time, it was so hot! The gnats were everywhere and driving me crazy! The heat made the walk seem longer (and the blister that I found on my foot after my shower). 

After a coffee and chocolate break, along with conversations about the world's food supply, I was back on the "soulless" road (the main route).
A beautiful sight to destination!

The albergue of very nice. It's run by nuns. They served us all tea with lemon while we were getting checked in.

Went exploring and they were having a giant street market.

This is the church of Santiago. I was burned to the ground by Napoleon, and then rebuilt.

The church of Santa Maria was beautiful! This church is connected to the albergue I stayed at.

I was actually able to understand the directions a local to the supermarket! Whoot! Whoot! There I was able to find bread...twice in less than 2 weeks....yay. 

I am getting used to the siesta. Now I am able to plan around it....go to the store before 2:00 or wait until 5:00. 

Cooked a baked potato for dinner. I have to get to bed early....have an early start in the morning (earlier than normal) in order to beat the heat. If you are walking passed 11, you'll be roasting.

With so any many pilgrims around, I have to find a quiet place to do my writing and thinking. After I got back there was a nice surprise....the nuns were having a time of singing with everyone! It was so much fun!!

Soon after, it was mass with a special pilgrim's blessing. The priest blessed each one of us, and the sisters gave us a small star to remind us that they are praying for our camino.

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