Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 18: Carrion to Terradillos

Just in case you wanted to know, I updated yesterday's blog...there are some new things at the end.

It was dark and warm when I left this morning. The moon was still shinning bright as the sun was coming up.

The scenery was very nice, but it didn't change much.

It was so made the walk very hard. I get hot very easily...even though I left early, it didn't keep me from getting overly hot. I tried to make sure that I drank as much water as possible. The first 17 kilometers had nothing!! So, I was overjoyed to see the town!

I stopped and had an ice cream and a coffee. My final stop was only 10 kilometers away at this point...2 more hours. The sun was just beating down on me. I couldn't wait until the final town.  I was so grateful when there was a cool breeze. It was like The Lord was sending it to cool me just a little. 

Sorry....not many pictures, but I was just too hot and all of them would have looked the same. 

Terradillos was just a tiny town with nothing to do....I mean nothing. I walked the town in 5 minutes. I was okay it because my legs were just so tired. It gave me the chance to rest. Good thing I bought too much stuff at the store yesterday....I now have breakfast! 

After a shower and finding out there was no store (my guide book failed me), I had a nice cold tasted wonderful!

I was able to take a wonderful nap in my single bed (this was a gift to cost 2 extra worth it). Sometimes they are just needed. 

Dinner was the pilgrim's menu. There was no kitchen or no store....was at the mercy  of the albergue. 

It only took 18 days in the sun, but....I have a tan line! What?!?

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