Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 20: Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mullas

I left early. It was worth it, but I was tired after waking up early for 2 days in a row.

We continued on the Roman road...the same road the Caesar Augustus used.

I started walking with a group, but ended up going ahead of them. There was some intense prayer time this early morning. At some point, I stopped and saw this amazing sight.

The view was just amazing. Although my mind was preoccupied, I was still able to enjoy the land.

It took 18 kilometers to get to the first town. It's like time just stood still. 

One of my walking buddies hurt her knee on the way. I gave her my poles to help her. We all just walked slow. It did seem weird not to walk with my poles. 

There were a couple of sculptures that I found fascinating.

After town, there was only 6 kilometers left. The sky line was nice.

I put my bag down, and immediately went to the store. Since it was Sunday, places close at 2 and stay closed. 

After lunch and shower, I went exploring. I was surprised to find some places open after 2. 

First stop was to the Church of Santa Maria.
There wasn't much light inside, so there weren't many picture opportunities.
(The glass case contains a statue of Christ after the crucifixion)

This is a statue dedicated to the pilgrims.

The wall of Saint James was just about right when you came into the city.

The Virgin de Gracia Hermitage

I found the remains of Saint Augustine's monestary. It's the exterior walls. I was able to go into one of the towers and have a look out into the city. While trying to leave, I was chased down by a Spanish lady...when I told her that I didn't speak much Spanish, she just turned around and left...this made me confused on why she was chasing me. 

I had to cross this scary bridge to get to the tower. Some of the panels were loose missing.

While up in the tower, I saw 2 donkeys just wondering around a playground.
It's just amazing to me on how Spain just builds around these ruins....they don't tear them down. Just love it. 

For dinner, we had pasta, salad, and a French omelet. It was all good. Having dinner with my new French friends made it so fun!

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