Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 24: Astorga to Foncebadón

Today was a great walk! We had planned to walk to the next landmark town, but then thought in order to make tomorrow easier, we would go to the next town (6 kilometers away). Tomorrow's walk was supposed to be really hard with lots of why not do some ahead of time to make it easier?? Makes sense to me. So today was a 28 km day instead of a 22 km day.

We left early in hopes of beating the heat. However, the weather people lied....there was no heat.

The views on today's walk was just breath taking. Nothing can beat the views of the mountains and valleys. 

(I know that this is not the mountains, but this was just too neat not to share. It's was on the side of a building when leaving Astorga.)

About halfway of our original plan, we stopped for a coffee and tortilla.
(See....I'm still alive and well)

It wasn't long before we reached the town Rabanal del Camino. We decided to walk on to the next town, Foncebadón. When we finally settled in, we noticed that we were just 2 kilometers from La Cruz de Ferro (the iron cross)...the highest point on the Camino! What in the world....we just did the hardest part today. All well, now tomorrow will be easy.

The albergue.

I really wasn't that dirty, but my socks were so gross!

This little town is so nice and quiet. The only thing to do is sit and enjoy the view.

Foncebadón is an old old town. It was an abandoned town where a hermit used to live.

Ilene and I met up with our Irish friend..yay! He's such a sweet older man. He picks at me for being from the south. He told me that I remind him of someone from Gone with the Wind...a typical southern person.

As I already said, tomorrow is La Cruz de Ferro day...I have Sister Lynn's rock and my rock ready. Historically, the rock is supposed to represent the size of your sin. Well....I don't know think there is rock big enough for that. I settled for a nice small rock I found early on the trail. Every once in a while, I pray about what the rock is supposed to represent.

 I will make it to La Cruz de Ferro early on tomorrow...I can't's going to be very special I think.

Dinner was nothing special....just a sandwich, trail mix, and an orange. Carrying around gluten free bread everywhere gets I don't mind eating it for lunch and just means less to carry.

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