Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 30: Barbadelo to Gonzar

Today was a nice walk. Although it did seem hard. Some days are like that--your body just doesn't want to keep going one day, then the next day your body is all good.

The countryside views were just lovely. I could look at them all day. Most of the walk was among farm lands and walkways with old stone walls...just wonderful.

Every few kilometers there were little towns that surprised me. 

There is never a dull moment when on the a sweet old man ran to give me 2 pink roses from his bush and a walnut. He was saying something about Santiago, and grabbed me to give me a hug. I don't understand the walnut....he was just the cutest thing ever. 

I passed the 100k mark! 

I planned to stay in a small town without a store, so I had to get some good supplies in the town before my pack was heavy! However, entering into town there was a long bridge over a river! It was NOT okay! I hate going over bridges that are over water!!

After the bridge, there was a huge thing of stairs to climb.

After being scared half to death on the bridge and climbing the stairs, I was glad to make it to the store in one piece. I got fully stocked at the grocery store and had some coffee before walking the last little bit to Gonzar.

When I finally reached Gonzar, they didn't have my reservation. Thank goodness they had a bed. About 20 minutes after I arrived, they were full. It's getting crazy on this last 100k. 

Gonzar is such a cute little town...
(Didn't get more pictures of town because the internet was spotty...wanted to post when I could) 

Gonzar is know for its Bovines. 

The Lord really has been looking out for me. There are people that I knew that had to walk over 40K for a bed, and people that have gotten injured during the last week of their Camino. I have been blessed with good feet and finding a bed at every stop.

Only 82K left! 2 more 30K days, one 19K day, and the last 5K stretch on Sunday....this is getting real y'all!

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