Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 8: Torres del Rio to Logroño

Since I did a lot yesterday, I took it easy today. Plus I didn't sleep that well...meaning I was a little sluggish. I only did 20km today. This will helpfully help me to do the 30km I need to do tomorrow.

The sun rise was beautiful as I left Torres del Rio. 

The view was so nice. Although, mostly saw vineyards. There were little surprises. 

This was once an ancient home. It's amazing how the Spanish culture uses the ruins in helping their land...they might use the stones for the wall of their farm. 
In the midst of all the vineyards, there was a little church.

My feet and legs were glad that I didn't have too much more to go. Since I didn't sleep well, my body didn't want to go on.

The church in Viene. It was magnificent to look at. I stopped and took my boots off. 

Here are church ruins.

The view did not really changed much during the day.


I had to have a sit down....

A beautiful field of flowers right before entering the city. 

I made it thanks to a kind gentleman. He told me that the whole Camino goes west. This helped me find the albergue. The signage wasn't very clear, so it was easy to get lost. There were several people that were wondering aimlessly.

In Lorgoño, the have a street named after Christ one with a crucifix on the street.

I met a nice Venezualen girl when I stopped. We had a lovely lunch with a salad, grilled steak, and strawberries in whipped cream.

Since everyone takes a siesta from 2 until 4:30, I took the opportunity to make some adjustments to my walking schedule. I might end up having 10 days to do what I want. I might just walk to Finisterre or do something else. Don't know yet. 

Even though I have been putting on sun screen, my face still got burnt! Go to love being pasty white. However, I do look funny with tan arms and white legs. It's just now getting hot here, so maybe my legs will get some sun. 

After Spain's siesta time, I went to go see some sites. The architecture of the buildings are just amazing. 

In the town's plaza there is Saint Maria Cathedral. It's so big! I couldn't get photos of the top. It never did open, I sadly couldn't see the inside.
(The main door)
(The side)
(The back entrance)

Saint Maria's Place was closed due to construction.
(The front door)

Church of Santiago
Virgen de la Esperanza (patron saint of Lorgoño)
The alter
The back. The doors lead to another room that looks like it was for nuns)

I found this interesting game board (?) on the ground by the church. Different squares have different important places along the Camino.
Been there
And there
Passing through here tomorrow
Will end up here! 

Dinner was some delicious tapas and a cafe solo. 

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