Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 33: Salceda to Monte do Gozo

Just in case you were wondering what I had for dinner last night...
(Russian salad, bacon, eggs, and fries)

Each night, I have been meditating on the Psalms of Ascent. I found them to be very fitting for this journey. I may not be making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but this definitely counts as a spiritual pilgrimage. Now today, I will meditate on the last Pslam...hard to believe. Tomorrow morning I will be walking into Santiago, going to the pilgrims' office, and getting my compostela. Thirty-four days of walking will be over...I am not sure how I feel about that. It's exciting to think that I have reached my goal, but I don't know that I like that this journey is over (oxymoron...I know).

It was a rainy day....more like a down pour! It didn't even rain like this in France. My boots were filled with water...I literally squeezed water out of my socks when I took off my boots. I saw water bubbles as I was walking 
(Me, Alyssa, and Melinda)

The second breakfast (and a change of socks) made me feel a little better.

The last few kilometers were rain and a little bit of sunshine. 

getting close....

Got a stamp at the last church before Santiago...Sainta Lucia in San Pero.

The last 8 kilometers was really busy...there was a huge group of Germans that took up the whole road and created traffic jams on occasion. Since the albergue didn't open until 1, we decided to stop for coffee--this gave the big group of folks a chance to go ahead of us.  

At this point there were only 4 more kilometers to walk until the albergue. The last stop before Santiago.

The last albergue before Santiago. It holds 500 people. Only 4 more kilometers to go! 

This is what all pilgrims look like after a long day if walking...

After talking to Mother and eating dinner, I was told about this wonderful view of Santiago with some statues. 
(Sorry if it's too cameras don't like me or it could be too much light)
How about a panoramic...
The pilgrim statues...

That's where I'm goin'!

It doesn't seem real....I've walked almost 500 miles...across Spain. I am about to reach the final snuck up on me! 

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