Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 31: Gonzar to Melide

My walk was wonderful...all 32k of it!

Of course I left before the sun came up...didn't want to get into town too late. I started with 82k left to go, but I couldn't get a picture of the marker at 78k...

The view was gorgeous, as always. The scenery didn't change a whole lot, but that's okay.

Love seeing these old stone crucifixes.

When passing through a town, I came upon some giant ants. Not sure why they were there. 

As I went through the big city of Platas del Ria, they had the church open! I got a stamp there too. It was a beautiful place. Stop and prayed for a minute.

There we these neat statues as I left the city...

There was an albergue in the middle of the woods with a giant shell...

Just passing through...

After walking about 15 kilometers from my last break (a total of 24K) was time to stop to relax for a bit. Nothing like a good café con leche and a tortilla.

By this point I was seeing all the new pilgrims that started from the 100K know who they are, because they have no tan lines and usually a daypack. I felt sorry for some of them...they were really struggling with the hills.

I just found this funny. I have never seen blue gnomes play the saxophone before today. Wow....

The church of San Pedro...
(This is what my stamp looked like too)

I went to the store and I couldn't resist..
.....made a sandwich...

After my snack....I went to see the town. There was a sign for this gorgeous church, Santa Maria. I was so excited to see it. I walked the 0.6 K to get there (there was going to be steep hill) just fnd out that it was signs of opening! Ugh!!!!!!


I went to the chapel of San Antino. It was very pretty. Nothing fancy...but very pretty. Took an opportunity to pray there.

It was only a hop, skip, and a jump to the church Parroquial. This used to be a convent for the order of Saint Francis. Prayed there too. 
(Loved the old paintings)

While I was on my way to see Santa Maria, I saw this interesting statue. I am not sure if this woman was dancing or getting ready to fight.

Made myself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner with some other goodies. My buddies were waiting to watch the World Cup game.

Only have 50.5 kilometers to go!

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  1. Sam, thanks for all the pics and posts. You've been so faithful to take the time to do this. We all appreciate it very much. It helps us follow you, pray for you, and be with you in spirit. We're so proud of what you've accomplished. Thank you for praying for all of us along your way. We will be remembering and praying for you during worship at The Crossing tomorrow (Sunday). Praise God for His faithfulness.