Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 26: Molinaseca to Villafranca del Bierzo

Today was a long hard walk. There wasn't much of a scenery because it was mostly cities and roads. Therefore, there are not many pictures from today's walk.

I finally had a good night's sleep. I didn't wake up once! It was so nice. I got up about 5 in order to leave at 5:30. I ate my peeled banana from the crazy store keeper (When I went to the store yesterday, the store keeper kept giving me things. He forced some trail mix into my hands...then when I paid, he gave me an extra banana in my bag before peeling another banana to give to me. I must have been special because no one else got the "royal treatment" of receiving extra goodies).

Walking in the dark can be kind of hard when things are not well marked...I ended up talking the long way around the first big city (Ponferrada). At least I was able to see the castle of the Knights Templar... 
...and the church.

While making our way through the small cities, another kind man gave Ilene and I some cherries from his tree...fresh cherries are delicious! We also ran into an open was also giving stamps. 

The church was beautiful. The alter was wooden. We stopped and prayed for a few.

There was a point in which I saw some great landscapes.

Today was a long 32 kilometer day. I was so glad to arrive at Villafranca. 

There were so many amazing buildings there...many of them were closed though.

This was the first church that I encountered when I entered Villafranca. It was next to the albergue that I almost stayed at...they don't let people out before 6:30. When you have a 30 km trek with major climbs, 6:30 is just too late. 

This was the lovely view from the albergue I did stay at.

There was the 2nd church in Villafranca. The pictures are a little was an overcast day.

The science museum.

The church is Saint Anthony...oh how I wishes that one was open!
(The view from the church)

A small castle..

Dinner was just another sandwich...yay...I was able to go to the store and purchase some eggs to boil for the morning. They make great snacks too. I also bought goat milk yogurt (didn't know it before I bought it), and it was pretty good.

Ilene and I decided to start at 5:00....hopefully, I will start my day of right this time...

Last big climb of the pilgrimage....I can do this! 

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  1. Trying to catch up with you, Sam. I've been checking on you pretty often, but today I caught up. We've prayed for you since you began your pilgrimage. Thanks for being faithful to post so often! We're all very proud of you, and we've told many people about your journey.