Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 21: Mansilla to Leon

This morning was a little chilly. I had to put my pant legs on to my shorts and wear my jacket. I think that it's cooling off because of the rain that is moving through.

I chose to walk by myself this morning. I felt like I really needed to be by myself. There isn't much opportunity to do so when you're at the albergues...there are always people everywhere you go. 

The last day if the Meseta!

I got to do a lot of praying and such while I was by was really nice. The skyline was pretty to look at.

It wasn't long before I stopped at the first city to enjoy my coffee con leche and tortilla. 
I saw this lion statue and thought it looked like Aslan.

I was back on the road with only 9 kilometers left (only did 18 today)...

León is huge!!

It took another hour of walking just to make it to the albergue. There were some neat structures in the city while getting there.
(Santa Anna church)
(The start of the old part of León....this was a clue that I was close to the convent)

I did have a hard time getting to the albergue. Thank goodness the locals are so kind to help. They must be used to pilgrims asking for directions--they are always more than willing to help. After I found the place, I went gallivanting around lost again....I quickly found my way though. The city is really neat! 
(My albergue, aka...the convent)

(Part of the courtyard)

(The Gaudi building)

I made it to the León Cathedral in one piece. That place is beautiful! I will do a separate post on that because I have a lot of pictures. 

My new South Korean friend and I went to the supermarket. That was an adventure. The store was about 1.5 kilometers away...after walking all morning, that's a lot. Without a kitchen, I just grabbed stuff for sandwiches...much cheaper and easier than the pilgrim's menu.

It wasn't long before it was time to siesta. Caught up with some friends, and chilled until time for mass.

Time to eat....

Finished the night with a little more wandering. The church that was close to the convent was closed...sad.

I did have a happy find....the church of San Antonino..

Closed out the day with putting cream on my feet....


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