Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 28: Laguna to Triacastela

The walk today was so beautiful! The rest of the climb was good with some great views of the mountains.

Sorry if all the pictures look the was just too pretty not to capture.

I would just stop and look. One can't just pass by all this beauty without trying to take it all in. The fact that God created all of this perfectly is just simply amazing. 

Our sign that we were officially in the last providence.

During the walk today, I had a fantastic conversation with Marigold about the Eucharist...its importance and holiness. It was just a rich and beautiful conversation. This woman is an amazing Catholic with such a deep heart for the things of God. I wish that I could take her home with me.

I loved the little towns that were tucked in the mountains. 

A statue of a pilgrim. 

Most of my walk today...

There was one last huge climb of the day, so we all stopped for coffee and a snack afterwards.

Here is a neat little church tucked away. 

As I was entering the city of 3 castles...I think this is where one them used to be...

The view from my room of the albergue.

It wasn't a very exciting day since it rained almost all afternoon. Remember what I said about the rain in Spain stays mainly in the's true.

Went to mass given by the local priest.

Ran out of gluten free bread, so rice cakes are in it's place...yum......

I should be in Santiago on Sunday!!! 

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