Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 22: León to Villar de Mazarife

Walking just seems like a way of life now. For the past 21 days, I have woken up and walked for hours. It's just what I do now. With only 2 weeks left, it seems strange that my walking will come to an end. My traveling buddies didn't want to talk about the end...it made them sad (me too).

I read about how to walk out of León was hard and long. I have to disagree. I found it well marked, and I really don't know where to city ended. Just when I thought "when will we get out of here", there was a sign for a new city. In other words, the walk went quickly.

I took an alternate route today that allowed me to enjoy the countryside instead of just the road. Plus the town on the alternate route had a supermarket. 

I walked with a new friend from Lousianna. The time flew by because we ran our mouths almost the whole time. We talked about just about everything. I walked pretty fast today...probably from talking and walking with a tall person. We walked about 6km per hour...making our destination in about 4 hours (22 km in all). Oh my!

As I left León, I found a hobbit house...immediately thought about Casey....it's just her size.

Seeing more and more pilgrim art.

The Meseta is over! Back to beautiful hills! 

I came across these birds that just hover over an area to look for food. It was really interesting. 

(Sorry...the bird is really small)

I love looking into the distance to faintly see the mountains.

The walking view..

I made it to town! The weather was so nice, but a little windy. I found this neat sign when coming into the city.

I got to the albergue super early! However, they checked me in anyway...so nice of them. This place was really neat! 

Did the "get settled in" ritual then was off to store. After waking around, I found a nice size store for breakfast and dinner things. I also found the church (yes, locked)....

I quickly found out that there wasn't any lights in the bathrooms....oh goodness!

Omelette for dinner....so glad that I was able to cook.  I was saving my last 2 slices of bread for lunch tomorrow....but didn't. Dinner was so good...all fresh local ingredients. I was so sad that it was gone.....

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