Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 7: Estella to Torres del Rio

Today started off excellent.....walked about 30 minutes and realized that I didn't have my phone. I had to go back and get it. However, I apparently made good time, because I made my 30 km only 30 minutes after my two pilgrim buddies that I started walking with before having to go get my phone.

There was this beautiful church/monestary that was beautifully lit in the morning dusk, but I had to go back and get my phone, so no phone. I took this photo on the second time around. It was still a great view, just not as great as the first time. 

I was really upset about having a late start, because I wanted to go 30 km to Torres Del Rio in order to make the next day to Lorgona easier. I had to remember that the Lord has everything under control, and I must have left my phone for a reason. 

There weren't that many pictures to get since the scenery was really the same as yesterday. I did try and get some shots of different parts of my walk. 
(I know that you all are probably getting tired of seeing mountains and hills, but I still think they are lovely. I just get amazed at God's creation every time I see them.)

You can't see it, but there is either a castle or a church at top of the mountain. 
This is a little closer shot. I thought that I was heading this way, but found out no.

It was mainly a flat road today. I was able to do 22 km in 5 hours. Whoot! Whoot!

Found some interesting artwork going into a town.

Went and saw the last town for the next 12km....this was the church in the small town. 

A small farm house

More hilly and mountainous landscapes

A house in ruins...

Stopped and rested here before moving on....

Saw a small farm on the way out. 

Los Acros's church

Pretty flowers

There were vineyards everywhere

Toress Del Rio from afar....

I did extra today so I wouldn't have to do all of this tomorrow.....

I was so glad to reach albergue! I did have a small blister on the bottom of my foot. An Irishman put the needle and thread in it for me. He also put alcohol in it. It hurt!!!!

My hair is almost back to normal after washing my hair 3 times with normal shampoo. The all-in-one soap bar is NOT suitable for hair!

My new Irish friend kept making fun off due to my southern accent. Then we started quoting and talking about the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". 

I got to see the church. It was smaller than I thought, but the crucifix was beautiful. It was a very different crucifix. I did get a chance to tell my Irish friend about the reasons why I am doing the Camino. It was a good talk. 

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