Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 32: Melide to Salceda

I was just sluggish today. Not sure why, but it made it hard to walk. Thank goodness it was only 25k today. There was a point when 25k just seemed impossible. Now, it's nothing.

I got a nice "good morning"....I was just beginning my walk when I heard something coming out of the bushes. I thought it was going to be some wild animal trying to get me, but was a small poodle that was climbing a fence. I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest before I saw that dog!

It started out with 52k to go. Then sometime later there was only...
..., and before I knew it... 26k! Wow, I can hardly believe it!

Just about the whole walk was in the woods today.

The wonderful midmorning fog...

I love these views!

As I was coming out of the woods, there was an interesting sight. There were 2 nuns (they were doing the Camino too) leading a random group of people in songs. Of course I had to stop to listen...I didn't understand a word of it, but it was pretty. (Later I found out they were a group of Germans traveling together being lead in their morning prayers)

After that, the next best thing was to stop for a coffee and take off my boots...
(This was really my second stop)

Although I am in farming country, I have never had to walk amongst cows until today...not once but twice in one day!

When I arrived at the albergue, it wasn't to the cafe for lunch. It was an interesting place...the first place where I have ever heard Spanish heavy metal. Strange. 

The albergue was nice except the shower. The town is tiny....a bar and a restaurant is it. 

The view from my window...

As time passed ever so slowly, my eyes kept trying to close for slumber. This was unacceptable. Afternoon naps mean no night time sleep.

Dinner....unknown....whatever the one restaurant has to offer. 

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